I Am Active


To be active in your body, mind, heart and spirit creates the ultimate state of wellbeing. It means youre using all of your natural resources to live in harmony with nature. The way you move, think, feel and breathe has a direct impact on the quality of your life.  


I think the most important thing is to keep active and to hope that your mind stays active.”

                                                                                                                        ~ Jane Goodall




Your physical wellbeing depends on being active; your mental wellbeing is enhanced by creative thinking; your emotional wellbeing comes from expressing yourself; and your spiritual wellbeing is activated by trusting your intuition.


Your life force energy is keeping you alive. The more active you are the more this vital energy can move through your body. Pain is a symptom of blocked energy. Make sure youre moving often, breathing deeply, and staying hydrated for energy to flow freely. 


An active mind is different than a busy mind. When you are actively engaged in a creative project or endeavor your mind is focused on what it does best. Direct your mind towards productive creativity rather than wasting energy on worry or regret.


Being emotionally active is not about venting; its about the healthy expression of energy that needs to move through you. Whenever you experience an emotion its useful to feel it, get the message, and express it from your heart in a loving way.


A spiritually active human values being over doing. This means you make a conscious choice about who you intend to be before doing anything. You will have a different experience being enthusiastic, rather than apathetic, while doing the same thing.


There are specific foods that fuel an active body, mind, and heart. The best fuel for the body is fruits and veggies; nuts are brain food for a healthy mind; and avocados are good for the heart. Lean in to a plant-based diet to support an active way of life.


An active lifestyle is the key to longevity. Be physically active to insure your body has vitality. Be mentally active to sustain a creative mindset. Be emotionally active to add passion to your life. Be spiritually active to give your life meaning and purpose. Being active on all four levels of existence allows you to live in divine harmony. 


With love and light,


Carol Gutzeit

Blogger + Life Coach


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June 02, 2021 — Leslie Denby

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