Being a true friend is one of life’s greatest accomplishments. It means you have learned how to connect soul to soul with another human being. At this level of connection you naturally look for the best in the others; and that’s what makes you a best friend.  

“If you have one true friend you have more than your share.” ~ Thomas Fuller


Real friendship includes being true to yourself. Your authentic self makes friends with people who are also being authentic. As a best friend you always bring your true self to the relationship and that allows both of you to be more authentic and vulnerable.

See the best in your friend’s physical appearance and give them genuine compliments. Be the one who can be counted on to offer support and encouragement in ways that are genuinely uplifting so that your friends feel good just being around you. 

Being in healthy relationships means you always speak highly of your friends, even when they’re not with you. As a true friend you have no reason to gossip because that doesn’t bring out the best, and that’s what real friends do for each other.

A true friend doesn’t walk away over a disagreement. Be the one who can agree to disagree and still show up for your friends during challenging times. Fear is a destroyer of friendship; love holds it together. Use the power of love to heal broken relationships.

Your soul is a true friend. You can count on it to always be there for you as a constant companion. Your soul is present for both your highs and your lows and it knows the way back to your natural state of joy. Honor your soul by trusting its guidance. 

Healthy food can be a true friend. It provides you with nourishment and comfort in a way that is nurturing to your body and soul. Eating organic whole foods creates a wholesome relationship to life by maintaining a strong connection with Mother Nature.

True friendship comes in many forms. The most important thing to remember is your part of the equation. Make sure that you are cultivating the qualities you appreciate in a best friend and you will naturally attract more quality friendships.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit

Blogger + Life Coach

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June 05, 2021 — Carol Gutzeit

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