Freedom is a matter of choice. It means you get to choose: how you take care of your body; what you create with your mind; the relationships you put your heart into; and the way you live your life. Inspired action, combined with choice, honors freedom.

“Life without liberty is like a body without a spirit.” Kahlil Gibran




The difference between a life of freedom and a life of bondage is a matter of choosing love over fear. Fear-based choices are made from a frightened ego while love-centered choices come from a courageous soul. Choose love as a way to live with integrity. 


The most loving choice you can make for your body is to give it what it needs to be healthy. Get back to basics by walking in nature, growing your own food, getting vitamin D from the sun, and soaking in a hot springs to free your body of stress.


Thoughts that come from love create a life of freedom. Start your day by setting an intention to experience only love. You’ll discover that nothing bothers you because love consciousness is the most powerful state of mind for creating the life you want.


Loving relationships are the foundation of freedom. When two people want what is best for the other, there is no longer a power struggle over the need to be right. Form healthy relationships by becoming a good communicator who does more listening than talking. 


Letting go of fear is a small price to pay for freedom. Being a free spirit means that you live for love. This is more than human love, it’s Divine Love; the source of creation. As a spiritual being you have the potential to create a beautiful life full of love and service.


To choose what you eat is one of the most important personal freedoms that you have. It’s the difference between having a malnourished body or one that is well-nourished and thriving with a strong immune system. Make healthy choices with every bite.


To live as you wish is what freedom is all about, and that includes respecting the rights of others. The first and last human freedom is truth; and that means that doing what is true and right for you is the way to honor those who fought for your freedom.




With love and light,


Carol Gutzeit

Blogger + Life Coach


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May 24, 2021 — Leslie Denby

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