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Home Gym Must Haves for every DEFINED woman in 2024

Written by: Leslie Denby



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I’ll be honest, I never thought I would be a home gym girl.  I was also a gym-gym girl.  I loved making friends, engaging, reveling in the whole experience and motivated by others who were ahead of me in their fitness journey.  I mean the gym is where my husband I really bonded when we were dating. The gym was my place.

But then COVID hit, and we were all forced to workout at home, regardless of whether we liked it or not. And guess what?  I eventually came to love it.

Now I can’t imagine spending the extra time to get to the gym, park, setup, or even wait for equipment to free up so I can stick to my plan.  I love working out at home, blaring my music as loud as I want, wearing whatever I want, and just staying focused on being active, healthy, and fit.  I realized that you don’t have to have all of the big equipment or everything imaginable to build to stay in shape or work on that enviable body.  You really can do that by investing in the key pieces of equipment. 

With that in mind, we approached the list with the essentials every home gym needs.  You’ll find options that can easily be stored away, or fit conveniently in a portion of a room if you have a small dedicated space.



1.     Whether you are doing abs, stretching, yoga, or booty blasters, no one wants to be on a hard surface, so you must have a mat.  You also don’t want to be slipping or sliding around, so I always recommend a nonslip mat.  


Best Personal Workout Mat is this one linked on amazon below!







Best Premium Room Mat for the person who needs more room or wants to workout with a partner:  



2.  Everyone wants a juicy, round peach and one of the key tools is a booty band.  They are so versatile, you can use them for many lower body exercises, but most of all shaping those glutes!  These are the ones I have, love, and generally resist slipping.   Click the image to purchase these directly off amazon.

For some other Peach Shaping Products- try these at 20% off with my code Crystal20 from DYI. I haven't found a legging that shapes my peach as great as these.

3.  Lifting actual weights is proven to help women build bone density, create collagen, build lean muscle and overall improve health.  I know that the right body weight routine can go a long way, but if you want to have true gym at home, you need some weights, but may not want to invest in a full setup or a bunch of individual free weights.  That is where the adjustable weights come in to play!  You can find almost everything you need in the all-in-one set we love. 


If you want something more compact and simple, but that goes heavy, the BowFlex are well-respected amongst both men and women alike as a great at-home workout tool.  They have been around for a few years and have amazing reviews!  Bowflex also has great customer service!


"When you bring effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.” – Jillian Michaels

4.  Another key ingredient to add flexibility to your at home routine is an adjustable weight bench.  Depending on your needs, this can serve as the base for the revered hip thruster, build with the frog lift, do step ups, hit shoulders, chest, and biceps.  It really is a versatile addition and can be easily stored away! 

Top multi-functional bench:  get the most diversity in one piece of equipment with this option.  I love that it weighs nearly 40 pounds so it isn’t moving all over the place, and it can hold up to 660 pounds!  However, it isn’t foldable if you need/want to slide it under a bed.  

5.  Gliding Discs – easiest thing to use and store for some creative functional and core routines.  I mean, you can take these literally anywhere with you and use them for all kinds of workouts.  This pair has two sides: one that is optimal for smooth surfaces and the other which is ideal for carpet.  

6.  Foam Roller – I cannot stress enough to people, how important it is to stretch and to workout your muscles.  This isn’t necessarily to look your best (although I think keeping your muscles in optimal condition lends itself to a lean/natural look!) but to FEEL your best.  I also recommend a massage stick for those hard to reach places, so this set actually comes with everything you need.  You may be able to find a sets a few dollars later, but the style of massage stick is optimal and it comes with other items that works well.  (google Arrosti and PT stretches to find plenty of ways to use all of the tools!  Pro TIP: you can do it in the sauna and/or while watching your fave reality show!)  

7.  Training Log Book – yes, you can do it online.  I just really like to WRITE IT DOWN and keep it in my gym.  Believe me, when I do get to a real gym, I still see lots of serious fitness people with their little notebook.  That tells me something!  Knowing where you are and where you want to go is so important.  This is inexpensive, simple, and all you really need.  

8.  Resistance Bar – this is a great, low-space option for those who want additional workout options without the bulk of a big setup.  You can get quite a bit out of these.  The only con is that the resistance weight is around 80 pounds, so not exactly heavy for lower body.  But guess what?  I have seen PLENTY of ladies add muscle and shape to their legs and booties doing fairly low lower body weights by muscle activation and proper form!  

9.  BONUS: walking pad/treadmill – if you want to get extra steps in, need something for light running, and/or to take film your cool Instagram content, this “treadmill”/walking pad is quite a bargain.  You can pair it with a foldable standing desk to work, right content, or watch Netflix on your ipad!  I use quotes on treadmill because I don’t think it feels hefty enough that I would want to log major running miles on it, but for simple walking, its great.  I have seen a bunch of sites promoting another brand as the top under-desk option, but the deck is much shorter than this, and I just wouldn’t feel comfortable.  This has enough length to prevent you from feeling like you are going to slide off, and if you also want to get a few short runs in, will also hold up for that!  Win-win!  

That’s it!  The top 8 things you need to really crush your home workouts in 2024 whether you have a small dedicated space, or need to get your workouts in your bedroom or living room.  All of the equipment can fit in one closet.  Don’t let anything get in the way of your fitness.  Staying in shape, feeling good, and working on your longevity is the foundation to living your best, most defined and happy life.  Here is to 2024 and hitting all of those fitness goals!


If you want a full home gym review, don’t worry, that one will be coming.  For those with a dedicated space or who need more, there are SO MANY good options these days.  We outfitted out garage right before store closures of the pandemic and never looked back.  In fact, we had friends who started coming over while the gyms were still closed.  We could add more, but honestly, more isn’t always better, unless you just really need it, so I’ll share how we created a pretty awesome space for under $10,000. 


Crytal Ware,  Business & Career Growth Coach

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