Pvolve Ankle Weights

$ 69.99 USD


Intensify your lower body workouts with Pvolve Leg Sculpting Ankle Weights. These sleek weights add resistance without slipping down your legs. Simply put the weight around your ankle, loop the strap through the metal holder, then pull until it feels snug. The extra resistance helps "level-up" your lower-body moves. Wear them during your workouts or just around the house for all-day toning. Includes two weights, choose 1.5 lbs. or 3 lbs.


Pvolve Leg Sculpting Ankle Weights add resistance to build and sculpt your leg muscles. They make your muscles work harder and cause leg muscles to grow.

• Set of two ankle weights

• Sleek and stylish design

• Choose 1.5 lb. or 3 lb.

• For workouts or just wearing around the house

• When performing these leg workouts, remember to add ankle weights

• Adjustable strap makes for maximum comfort and a secure grip

• Pvolve Leg Sculpting Ankle Bands available at SharperImage.com (Item No. 208974)

• One size fits most