How to wear DYI Leggings this Winter -

How to wear DYI Leggings this Winter

Written by: Leslie Denby



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We started selling leggings in 2013!

Because today is Tuesday, we're focused on fashion and style, and there is no better wardrobe staple for us to focus on other than LEGGINGS!  DYI started manufacturing leggings in 2013, and we don't plan to stop.  Our leggings are made with premium fabrics, excellent fit, and our price is not lululemon or alo yoga high- and not amazon low.  We are right where 

Here are 10 ways we are wearing DYI leggings this winter, and we'll tag some awesome products we've found that pair well with them.

  1. With Sneakers, Ponytail, Sunglasses and a Crossbody: There are so many sneakers we have collected this year like Nike, New Balance, Veja, On Cloud, but a new one we have loved and it's so incredibly comfortable are the ONCEPT NYC fashion sneakers.   We're linking them below.  Pair with a sweater, DYI High Shine, ponytail, crossbody and we are currently loving these sunglasses- option 1 or option 2
  • Please tag us @shopdyi so we can see your looks!
Fashion jackson

How to get the look? Pair your favorite DYI Legging with some of these products below.

2. We've loved pairing DYI High Shine Tight with a great blazer, and I don't see that going out anytime soon.


Zara has some nice Blazers for an affordable price.  They look great, affordable and lots of variety from staples to sequins.

3.  With a long Tunic, Button Down or Jacket.


Not sure about you guys- but we don't love having our bum hanging out when we are wearing leggings.  We tried the cropped length styles, and we are working on getting longer lengths back in stock on our shop because it looks good during workout and especially to and from after the gym too.

We're loving some of these longer styles online now.

4.  With a great puffer!  Our mission is to partner with brands that we love, and Blanc Noir makes gorgeous jackets!  SHINE from head to toe in this Freestyle Puffer and pair it with DYI High Shine Tight or the essential Take Control or Jersey Moss Tight.

Pair with a white On Cloud Sneaker for a sporty, athleisure allstar look!

5.  Wear with boots!   I love the look of our High Shine mixed with the texture of suede boots.  Nordstrom has these over the knee suede boots on sale.  They have a lower heel- which I LOVE because my feet can't take a high heel anymore!

6.  Wear our Leggings with Sweaters!

I love these brand new Geo Knit Sweaters that just came in.  In 3 beautiful colors, pair these with our core- High Shine or Take Control for an ULTRA comfortable but fashionable look.

For a casual day, pair with socks and a hat or dress it up with a pleated skirt, leather pant or your favorite denim jean.