Sometimes growth can be so gradual that you may not even be aware of how much you’ve grown so far this year. Take inventory of all your life lessons and come up with your biggest takeaway for 2020.

One way to acknowledge your progress is to create a bucket list. It’s important to set intentions and look forward to the future with an optimistic heart and mind.

In this week’s blog you’ll learn seven ways to keep growing and evolving.  

I Am Growing and Evolving 

Growth and evolution merge together in the process of creating heaven on earth. As you grow in mind and body your heart and spirit naturally evolve. Learning to live in harmony is the evolutionary path of humanity.

Continue to grow and evolve.” Mahatma Gandhi


Your mind and body grow through change, challenges, and exploration. On an emotional and spiritual level your soul evolves when you make positive changes, overcome challenges, and explore your inner and outer worlds. Know that your personal growth contributes to the evolution of human consciousness. 

Your body has been going through growth spurts since the day you were born. Some of that growth was painful and at other times you barely noticed. Conscious growth at this stage of your life depends on being so tuned in to your body that you know exactly  what it needs to thrive and you provide it.

You grow mentally when you choose to uplift others rather than judge them. Become single-minded when it comes to uplifting other people. We are stronger when we come together and live in harmony. Use your mind to create unity rather than division and you’ll be providing a great service to humanity.

Your heart evolves when you allow yourself and others to make mistakes. If you produce a negative outcome you tend to do things differently. Learning from past mistakes is part of the growth process for creating positive outcomes in the future. 

Creating heaven on earth can seem like an impossible mission. Your spirit knows that anything is possible and needs you to remember who you really are. On a spiritual level you’re a magnificent being learning how to grow into your soul’s blueprint while having a human experience. 

The food you eat has the power to help your body grow new healthy cells. If you’re experiencing a health challenge one of the best choices you can make is changing your diet to support your body’s ability to heal itself. Eating healthy is part of the natural evolution of using food as medicine.

The image you have of yourself must grow and evolve as you change. Mother Nature is the perfect example of changing her image with every season. If she only thought of herself as winter we would never experience spring, summer and fall. Open yourself up to embracing all the seasons of your life with joy.

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit
Blogger + Life Coach

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