Like clouds that adapt to wind currents by changing their formation, we must also adapt to the winds of change. When you allow divine light to shine through your physical form you become the positive change the world needs.


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” ~ Stephen Hawking 



 Change is the only constant in life. Without change there is no growth. Without growth there is no life. Without life there is no point. The point of life is to change, grow, and evolve. When you embrace change you embrace life.

 By adapting to change during challenging times you get to press the reset button on your life and move forward with an upgrade to your operating system. Just like a computer, sometimes you need to unplug for a while and then reboot to fix what wasn't working. 

 Your body is always adapting to change. If it's dealing with chronic stress, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, too little sunlight, toxins, not enough sleep, an injury, illness or disease; your body will do its best to restore balance. Give your body exactly what it needs to be whole and it will adapt to being healthy.

 Big change brings major growth. Sometimes a growth spurt can be quite painful but once it's over you can relax and appreciate who you've become. Every time you adapt to change with ease and grace your growth spurts get easier.  

 Mothers are masters at adapting to change. From the moment a child is conceived the radical changes begin. A new mother must adapt to having a baby grow inside her body. Giving birth is the ultimate natural change a woman can experience. Taking care of a child after it's born and adapting to all the changes it will go through to reach adulthood, is a time of tremendous growth and constant change. Honor your mother for being willing to go through so many changes for you to be here.

 There are earth angels and celestial angels that will help you adapt to changes in your life, especially the difficult ones. Ask for guidance and inspiration whenever you need it and be open to receive. There is always an angel above every challenge and behind every miracle. 

 Wearing gemstones can help you adapt to change. For example, Rose Quartz has a calming effect during times of stress, trauma and crisis; Lapis Lazuli enhances compassion, respect and kindness; Malachite is for healing and transformation; and Sugalite provides strength, safety and protection. Each one is associated with an archangel. You can find these gemstone bracelets as the Angel Collection at:


With love and light,

 Carol Gutzeit

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May 11, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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