Mom Of The Year CBD Now and Later Candy

$ 38.50 USD

Give yourself (or your mom crush) 6 hours of calm with every delicious bite. Satisfy your sweet tooth with natural fruit flavors. Each handcrafted fruit chew is made with 21.896mg of full spectrum CBD. It’s ok Mom, you don’t have to share this one!

1-2 chews is the recommended average dose – Each chew is 21.89  mg each

Four natural flavors: Green apple, Strawberry, Lemon, Orange

Lab tested to ensure potency and purity.

Contains approximately 21.896mg of CBD per chew.

Full-Spectrum CBD hand extracted from pure, clean, all-natural hemp, grown with care in Texas.

Store at room temperature

Gluten free, alcohol free, non-GMO.

Designed to promote a calm sense of well-being.