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I venture out into uncharted territory and my journey begins. There is no telling what I might encounter and that is the meaning of adventure. I am steady as I move into the unknown and feel empowered by the wisdom of uncertainty.

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Visualization inspires you to take action. If you are not producing the desired results you want then you need to ask “what have I not been willing to do?” Sometimes you have to be willing to let go of the fear and doubt that stands in your way and blocks your dreams and desires. A release of fear can free you to take the next action step.

- Excerpt from Satori Living



  • Declare “I Am Adventurous” throughout the week and your life will become a great adventure filled with new possibilities.
  • Trust in the wisdom of uncertainty. This means that the unknown may be uncertain but it’s also unlimited potential.
  • You can experience adventure without becoming an adrenaline junkie. All that is needed is a desire to venture out into the unknown and be open to the world around you in new and exciting ways.
  • Do something different every day for 30 days. Drive a new route to work, visit a new place you’ve never been before, meet new people, try a new restaurant or new ethnic food. You get the idea. Be creative, spontaneous and most of all, have fun!
  • Make your meals an adventure in cooking or preparing raw foods. Try Chocolate Avocado Pudding as a tasty, vegan dessert. (recipe below)



My life has been, and still is, one adventure after another. I moved to Hawaii when I was seventeen without knowing anyone there and went to college. I met my first husband the third day I was there and after watching him surf I wished I could meet him. A three-year-old little girl took me by the hand and asked me to take her home after it started raining and my future husband opened the door and asked if I wanted to come in out of the rain. Life is one magical experience after another when we realize that it is one big adventure that we get to have as spiritual beings having a human experience. For me, all the amazing people that show up in my life is the best part of the whole adventure. I have been blessed with people who want to invest in my company, partner with me, work with me, play with me, grow with me, adventure with me or just have a brief but meaningful encounter. I’ve had my share of adrenaline experiences from scuba diving without being certified (don’t recommend it) to spinnaker flying from a sailboat (also not recommended) but I have to say that the best experiences I’ve had so far involved connecting deeply with other people, and that didn’t include risking my life.

If you would like to share your Satori Story, please email me at: I would love to hear from you and share your story!



Chocolate Avo Pudding - 4 servings

2 avocados

2 bananas

1/4 cup cocoa, cacao or carob powder

Put avocados, bananas and powder in a food processor or blender and process until smooth. Enjoy immediately!



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