The sun shines on the earth day after day and asks for nothing in return. When I allow my light to shine and brighten the lives I touch, I feel radiant. I look for ways to serve and bring more light into the world.

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Spiritual freedom awakens your ability to love yourself and others unconditionally. As you connect with this energy resource, you will discover what a magnificent being you really are. This will allow you to see the light and love inherent in every human being.

   - Excerpt from Satori Living



  • Embody the words “I Am Radiant” as you go throughout your day and be aware of the energy you bring to others.
  • Write down three ways you intend to be of service this week. Check in with yourself at the end of the week to see how you did.
  • Do something for someone else anonymously. Notice how it feels.
  • Read “Living in the Light” by Shakti Gawain. 
  • Host a potluck dinner party and ask everyone to bring a colorful dish. Have fresh flowers and candles on the table to enhance the celebration of sharing delicious, whole food.


When I was living in Hawaii my father called from Santa Barbara and said he needed someone in the family to come and help him take care of my mother who had Parkinson’s Disease. At the time I was running a business that wouldn’t allow me to move back to California right away. I went into the kitchen where my youngest daughter Nichole was sitting and shared with her my father’s request. She immediately said “I’ll go take care of them!” and then she burst into tears. Nichole was seventeen at the time and had just graduated from high school so this was a big commitment for her to take on at such a young age but she seemed very sure. I called my dad back and told him that Nichole had offered to come and he said that she was too young for such a big responsibility. I said that we would come for a visit and talk about it since he hadn’t seen Nichole in several years. My dad was so impressed with her maturity and desire to be of service to her grandparents that he didn’t want her to leave after our visit was over. Nichole stayed and took care of her grandparents and was blessed in so many unexpected ways for her service. I was able to join her a few months later and my son and oldest daughter also came to help later on. It was a blessing for all of us to be with my parents in their final years and I know how much they appreciated it. They both got their wish of passing away peacefully in their home with family who loved them.


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