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I live life with an open heart and offer a vibration of pure joy. Whatever direction I choose to go and for however long I decide to stay, I bring joy to others. I drink in the sweetness of life with every breath and every connection I make. 

Everything you desire has a feeling associated with it. When you expand your mind to get to the feeling, you will be in harmony with what you want. This is the BE-DO-HAVE principle. When you become the feeling, then you naturally will do what is necessary to have what you desire.

In other words, good feelings attract good things into your life. Your thoughts and feelings are magnetic energy. It’s the Law of Attraction.


Excerpt from Satori Living


  1. Declare “I Am Joy” and notice how that statement influences your actions.
  2. Is there something you want that you believe would make you feel joyful? Imagine having it, get to the feeling of joy and you’ll be on the same frequency to receive it.
  3. Find a photo that reminds you to enjoy the sweetness of life and use it as a screensaver or print it and post it where you’ll see it often.
  4. How can you bring more joy into the world today?
  5. You are responsible for the energy you bring into a room. Make sure your vibe is worth sharing with others.
  6. Practice Happy Baby Pose to raise your vibration
  7. Watch this video of a flash mob performing Beethoven’s symphony “Ode to Joy”


            SATORI STORY

            Have you ever had a moment of pure joy? I’ll never forget the first time I experienced bliss as an adult. I was running barefoot on the beach in Hawaii and when I started sprinting at the end of my run, I suddenly felt connected to everything around me. I became one with the universe and my running became effortless. When I dove in the ocean, I was in a state of pure joy and bliss. The whole experience moved me to tears. It gave me hope that I was connected to something greater than myself.

            If you would like to share your Satori Story, please email me at: I would love to hear from you and share your story!




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