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I am passionate about life and give love to everything I do. My body, mind and heart soar with the joy of my spirit when I do what I love and love what I do. I elevate others when I live by example. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Everything you desire has a feeling associated with it. When you expand your mind to get to the feeling, you will be in harmony with what you want. This is the BE-DO-HAVE principle. When you become the feeling, then you naturally will do what is necessary to have what you desire.

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Excerpt from Satori Living


1) Declare “I Am Enthusiastic” when you first wake up in the morning and allow that statement to impact your day. 

2) Enthusiasm is fun to be around. It’s magnetic energy that draws people to you, in a good way. Share your enthusiasm with as many people as possible this week.

3) What are you passionate about? Make a list and do more of that!

4) Practice being enthusiastic with this yoga sequence from our Good Morning Yoga series.

5) Watch this TEDx talk on The Power of Enthusiasm.

6) Imagine you are a super hero and enthusiasm is your superpower!

7) Try these amazing snacks that were made with a passion for providing healthy and delicious treats. They’re called “Foodie Fuel” and you can get them at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage or online at:

8) Enter the GET YOUR MANTRA ON contest to win a spot at our upcoming Satori Living retreat this fall (September 30 - October 4) at Colorado Cabin Adventures ( in Grand Lake. Simply go to DYI Define Your Inspiration on Facebook  and “like” the page. When you post a photo of yourself wearing any of the tops from the Satori/DYI “I Am” Collection with a short paragraph about how wearing the mantra (on the inside) has impacted your life, you will be entered to win a prize worth $2000! Use the code: SATORI and receive 15% off merchandise until the contest ends June 30th.


When I started sharing the Satori message about the importance of living a balanced and awakened life back in 1989, I decided to offer seminars on stress reduction to corporations. I didn’t have any experience in this market but what I did have was enthusiasm for my program. This opened door after door, not only with local companies in Hawaii, where I started my first company, but also with international corporations that would bring their top-level employees to Hawaii as a reward. Enthusiasm is what has carried me through 25 years of delivering the Satori Lifestyle Program in a variety of ways. It’s the fuel that keeps me going even when I’m not sure what direction to go. The way is always made clear when I remember why I started sharing my message in the first place. When I see it making a positive difference in people’s lives, my enthusiasm soars! Enthusiasm comes from the Greek work entheos which means “to be filled with God.” That’s why it’s such a powerful emotion.

If you would like to share your Satori Story, please email me at: I would love to hear from you and share your story!












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