"I Am Happy"

I Am Happy. 

Happiness is a choice. I set an intention to choose happiness over drama and life gives me more reasons to be happy. The pursuit of happiness can be like trying to reach a pinnacle in the distance. Being happy first makes the journey more fun.

Featuring the Satori/DYI "I Am Happy" t-shirt dress . Inside this dress, printed on the hang tag, is "I Am Happy." Wear it on the inside, live it on the outside. Dress available in white, black, and coral. 

 Feelings are as much a part of who you are as your height, weight, eye and hair color. Can you describe your emotional self as easily as your physical self? A typical greeting we have for one another is “how are you?” A common response is “fine thank you how are you?” Does “fine” describe how you feel or is it a general term for not being aware of your emotional state?   Excerpt from Satori Living 


  • Use the mantra “I Am Happy” to set your intention for the day.

  • Choose to be happy because you’re alive!

  • Find ways to contribute to the happiness of others and notice how it affects your own level of happiness.

  • Watch this video of the Dalai Lama talking about happiness 

  • Conduct your own happiness experiment. For 24 hours decide that you’re going to be happy and that the universe is going to give you more reasons to be happy. 




At one of the spas in Hawaii where I was teaching Satori Yoga, I met the owner and CEO of a chain of pizza restaurants. He was at this private spa recovering from triple by-pass surgery and other illnesses related to stress. Guests at this retreat destination generally stayed for one week, however, this particular guest stayed for two months. He had spent his health on acquiring his wealth and now he was spending some of his wealth to get his health back. He had also lost his natural ability to feel happy. He attended my classes every day and especially liked Energetics as a way to reduce stress and increase energy. After two months, this high-powered executive checked out of the spa and into a vacation rental near my beach house so that he could train with me one-on-one in my home gym. After another month of practicing Satori Yoga and other forms of exercise, this man had restored himself back to his natural state of health. He also said he felt happy for the first time in years. After three months of taking care of himself he decided he needed to make some changes to his lifestyle and create more balance in his life. One way he did this was to allow his son to take on more responsibility in the business. This raised his happiness barometer to a whole new level. 

By Carol Gutzeit, author of Satori Living, Founder of Destination Satori and co-founder of Satori/DYI -- Since thoughts create feelings which leads to actions that manifest results, anything that you declare after the words “I Am” is extremely powerful. These words and images are meant to open your awareness or simply remind you of what you already know to be true.


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