Look Good, Do Good

Recently, we posted a quote  “Life Isn’t About Finding Yourself, Life Is About Creating Yourself.”  Amen to that!  We truly believe that living a happy & healthy life doesn’t just come to you; You have to make the choice to create it for yourself! 

Here are 3 easy ways to give yourself a BOOST!

  1. LOOK GOOD.  There is no shame in wanting to look AND feel good. Your confidence will shine through when you know you Look Good!  Your style and what you wear on the outside can show the world who you are on the inside! DYI believes in being comfortable and effortlessly fashionable! There are so many simple ways to look good this fall. Throw on a little extra lip or blush to highlight your face or wake up your eyes with concealer and a bit of mascara! Throw on a DYI Cover Up – the Asymmetrical Jacket, Long Raglan Cover Up, and Moto Jacket are fan favorites! — for an instant fashion forward look.
  2. FEEL GOOD.  Get Moving!There hasn’t been a time where we have regretted getting up, getting moving and working out!  Getting the blood flowing will give you more energy, an endorphin rush—-plus it is the perfect way to create the “me time” that everyone needs. Hit the gym, take a barre class, or even go for a walk.  I can’t tell you how many ideas, inspiration and “A-ha” moments have come to me when I’m in the middle of class. So get moving! It is the simplest way to instantly Feel Good!
  3. DO GOOD.   Happiness doesn’t just fall into your lap; You have to create your own! Much of that happens by doing and being a part of things that are bigger than yourself.Doing good for the people, community and world around you instantly gives you a boost!  Start small and learn about the things you feel passionate about. Smile at people you encounter throughout the day, let someone in during traffic, or pick up a piece of trash outside!  These things are so small, but they can make you feel good about what you’re doing in your community. DYI feels passionate about helping others to Look Good, Feel Good, andDo Good.

We are so excited to announce that this Fall we are taking another step in our “Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.”campaign. Coming soon we will launch Candles for a Cause benefitting Dress for Success. Stay tuned for more info on our journey to Do Good in our community!

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