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Tips and Tricks: Beauty Post Workout

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featuring our Daily Method Tank (left) and our asymmetrical tank in black (right) 

The struggle is real! How can I go to the gym, get in a respectable workout, but still leaving looking fabulous and ready to take on my next adventure/get to my day job? We’ve got you covered! Check out our latest tips & tricks to go from sweaty to gorgeous:

1. Prepare - Create your own post-workout kit with all the essentials! Pick up miniature products & keep your kit in your gym bag at all times.

2. Protect Your Hair - Make sure to pick up a headband & shower cap! A headband will keep your hair our of your face and away from the sweat (We prefer a fabric headband to prevent the dreaded hair crease). Shower caps are great when you don’t have the time or need for a shampoo.

3. Dry Shampoo - This is a must product for us! Not only does it absorb those nasty oils that leave your hair looking greasy, but it gives some pretty fabulous volume post-workout. Voila! 

4. 5-Minute Make Up - Get that routine down! We recommend a light concealer that let’s that workout glow shine through, combined with a concealer and a blush that matches your natural flush (It will compliment and blend what you have going from that sweat sesh. Brush on a brightening eye shadow (Don’t miss the corner of your eyes; It really brightens them up!) and apply mascara last once you have cooled down a bit. Swipe on a tinted gloss and you are good to go!

5. Sprtiz - Next time you stop at your favorite beauty stop, ask for some samples of your go-to scent. Keep these in your in your kit for a quick spritz as you walk out of the locker room.


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