You’re in charge of your energetic frequency. The vibes you put out into the world naturally come back to you. Give the kind of energy you wish to receive, and the principle of vibration will be a blessing rather than a curse.  

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."  ~ Nikola Tesla   








Raise the frequency of your root energy by connecting with the earth. Walk barefoot on grass, dirt or sand to get grounded. You can also sit with your back against a tree or go for a hike in the mountains to make this vital connection. 

Raise the frequency of your sacral energy by getting into water, especially in nature. Find a lake, stream, river or ocean to experience its cleansing effects. The flow of water  naturally uplifts, heals, and helps you let go of anything you don’t need.

Raise the frequency of your solar plexus energy with the sun. Get outdoors and expose your bare abdomen to sunshine. Breathe in the light and imagine it filling up your power center with fiery, creative energy.   

Raise the frequency of your heart energy by interacting with a pet. Spending time with a dog, cat, horse or bird will naturally open your heart to giving and receiving love. If you don’t have a pet you can connect with an animal in nature simply by giving it your full attention.

Raise the frequency of your throat energy by speaking your truth. Find a way to express yourself fully, even if that means writing what you need to say in a journal. Look up at the sky to open this center for communication and imagine filling it with the color blue to enhance self-expression.

Raise the frequency of your third-eye energy by asking for guidance. Look for signs, listen to messages, and trust in divine timing. Appreciate your guidance enough to follow it.

Raise the frequency of your crown energy by accepting divine love. Close your eyes and imagine love pouring in through the top of your head, filling your whole body. Direct this loving energy to any areas that need attention or healing.

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April 26, 2019 — Leslie Denby

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