Use your fierce feminine power to speak your truth. It takes courage to stand up for yourself without fear of being judged. It’s time for your fierceness to rise up from the depths of your soul and make a positive impact.

“I do not believe in using women in combat, because females are too fierce.” ~ Margaret Mead



Your fierceness will grow in the company of other strong females. Women who uplift and genuinely support one another have an inner fire that sparks greatness. You will attract these kind of women by being one.

Fierceness builds strength. Just like lifting weights builds strong muscles, lifting people up develops inner strength. Look for ways to uplift and inspire women this week and be aware of how good you feel.

The disease to please is fear-based. When you feel good about what you do for others, you’re acting out of love rather than fear. Be a fierce female who is aligned with love and lives from a place of integrity.

Recall an experience from your childhood when you were being fierce and felt validated for your passion. Now remember a childhood experience when your fierceness felt  unacceptable. As an adult it's up to you to value every part of yourself.

When you look in the mirror this week say: "I love your fierceness!” Focus on your eyes and see how they light up with this mantra. You will be giving yourself permission to be a strong, powerful woman.   

Being true to yourself involves letting go of chronic stress. Resisting your fierce nature is a source of stress because it comes from allowing others to control you. Take back your power by accepting your feminine fierceness as a natural expression of your soul.  

Be fierce about your health. Boost your immune system, eat organic, exercise daily, get up and move every hour, breathe deeply, get grounded, spend time in nature, bask in the sunshine, reduce stress, and get rid of toxins from your body, mind, and home. 


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Carol Gutzeit 

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March 08, 2020 — Carol Gutzeit

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