Feeling worthy opens you up to receive by connecting your mind with your heart, and aligning your ego with your soul. Imagine your innate worthiness as a sacred waterfall showering your life with blessings.

         “Self-worth comes from one thing - thinking that you are worthy.” ~ Wayne Dyer








Once you believe that you're worthy, the next step is to experience the feeling. Intellectually you might believe you are worthy but emotionally you may not feel your worthiness. To feel it, breathe into your heart center in the middle of your chest and declare, "I am feeling worthy." Allow those words to fill your heart until you feel them deeply.

Thinking and feeling worthy causes the effect of self-worth. The outer world will reflect your self-worth with unexpected support, healthy relationships, acts of kindness, meaningful work, and joyful experiences. Be sure to notice the effects your thoughts and feelings are causing.

You were born worthy. There is nothing you have to do to attain worthiness. All you need to do is remove any blocks you may have acquired to believing this truth. Look at your life to see the evidence of what you believe.

Your self-worth is directly related to your mindset. It's like having a thermostat set at a certain level and your worth will naturally rise or fall to that level. If you would like to experience a higher level of worthiness, reset your mindset.

Worthiness shows up as what you believe you deserve. Become a loving parent to your inner child and let that part of you know you deserve to have your needs met. Think of the Universe as a loving parent that knows you are deserving and is always supporting you.

Being open to receive is your part of the worthiness equation. The physical gesture of opening your arms and hands to receive is one way of creating a state of openness. When you receive a blessing, gift or compliment, take it in to your heart and graciously receive with appreciation. It's a good time to give and receive a hug.

The way you feed yourself is related to your sense of worthiness. When you make the effort to eat healthy and take the time to prepare your food or fully appreciate what has been prepared for you by slowing down and savoring each bite, that nourishing experience will raise your self-worth.    

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Carol Gutzeit 

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May 31, 2019 — Leslie Denby

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