The best way to dispel darkness is by turning on the light. No matter how dark things get you can always turn to the light within to find your way.

In this week’s blog there are seven steps to help you awaken your inner light.

I Am Discovering the Light Within

When you discover the light within you become radiant. The solar plexus is that power center for your body that generates vitality for life. As you become a magnetic being of light you naturally radiate health, strength, confidence, and courage. 

“Don't fear the light within. May it ignite the Sacred Flame in your soul.” ~ Paulo Coelho


If you’re feeling insecure and have a need to please others; or if you tend to bully and manipulate people to get your way, know that these are symptoms of a closed power center. You can heal your solar plexus chakra by bringing negative patterns of behavior into the light to be transformed.

Your third chakra is located above your navel in the area of your solar plexus. This is where your physical and spiritual powers come together. To keep this center balanced you can say empowering mantras, practice sun salutations, and heal past traumas that have been stored in your body since childhood. This is how you restore your personal power and awaken the light within. 

Your solar plexus is like a sun that radiates light from within. Unpleasant thoughts and feelings contract your energy and hide your inner sun. Focus on pleasant thoughts and feelings to expand your light force. In dark times your inner light can be a powerful resource.

Your mind is either a filter between you and the outside world or a sponge. If you use your mind as a filter you get to decide what goes in; if you use it as a sponge you become susceptible to soaking up all the fear coming from the outside world. Use your mind as a filter so that you have enough mental space for insightful thinking.

The light of your soul resides within your heart. Whenever you feel lost, afraid, or confused you can place your hands on your heart center in the middle of your chest and breathe in the light. This simple breathing technique will calm your nervous system, reconnect you with your soul, and clear your mind. 

On a spiritual level we're all connected. Practice going within to discover universal light through prayer and meditation and you'll be contributing to global peace. Spend time outdoors breathing in the powerful rays of the sun to wake up your solar plexus.

Whole foods that have been blessed by the light of the sun carry a high frequency. Chlorophyl in greens is literally from the photosynthesis of light energy. Make sure to eat and drink plenty of organic greens and other high vibrational foods from the earth to assimilate the power of the sun. 

With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit
Blogger + Life Coach 

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October 26, 2020 — Geri Ramirez

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