Beliefs are like puzzle pieces that interlock to form your identity. Since nature abhors a vacuum, if you want to change a limiting belief you can remove a detrimental piece, and replace it with one that’s useful.

“The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs.” ~James Allen



The first step to changing a belief is to identify it. The way to recognize that a limiting belief is operating in your life is to detect patterns that are driving your behavior. If you’re stuck on repeat and want to change a behavior, decide what kind of a belief you would have to have to keep attracting the same kind of experiences over and over again.

The second step is to choose a new belief. You can replace a limiting belief with one that is empowering by flipping it to its opposite. For example: ‘I’m not good enough’ can be changed to ‘I am good enough.’  

The third step is to uncover the emotional payoff. Determine what you get out of having the limiting belief. Your ego came up with it to protect you in childhood and help you survive but it can also stop you from thriving. 

The fourth step is to reframe past experiences. Recall three experiences that demonstrated evidence of a limiting belief. Look at how this belief protected you at the time, and helped you realize that you no longer need it to be safe.

The fifth step is to look for evidence to support your new belief. It’s best to introduce a new belief when you first wake up in the morning because your mind is like a clean slate. As soon as you open your eyes declare your new empowering belief, and then spend the rest of the day acting on it.

What you believe shows up in your body. The mind triggers the body and the body can change the mind. Try adjusting your posture so that your spine is erect, your shoulders are down and relaxed, and breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Do you feel different?

Your soul has a body, your body has an ego, and your ego has beliefs. If you start with the higher perspective of your soul needing a body for the human experience, and your body needing an ego to survive, then you can choose beliefs that are more in alignment with your soul’s purpose for being here.

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May 09, 2019 — Leslie Denby

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