As you begin a brand new year this is the perfect time to commit to building healthy habits. Rather than thinking you need to improve yourself, think of this new chapter as an opportunity to enjoy your life more fully. 

In this week’s blog you’ll learn the arc formula (add, reward, commit) for building the habit of a morning routine to set a healthy course for your day.

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I Am Building Healthy Habits

Follow the shape of an arc to add, reward, and commit to health. Start on the upward curve by adding a new behavior to an existing one; reward yourself at the top; and commit to this new behavior on the final curve towards ingraining a healthy habit.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle


Use the arc of a rainbow as a symbol for keeping promises to yourself. Just as there are seven layers to a rainbow, you have seven energy centers to support you in building healthy habits. Follow the arc formula (add, reward, commit) to create a healthy morning routine and you’ll discover that how your morning goes is how the whole day flows.

Tap into the life force energy stored in your root chakra to create a healthy habit for your body. Use the arc formula by adding the habit of drinking hot lemon water to starting your day; reward yourself with a happy dance or tell yourself that you’re awesome; commit to making this a daily habit for vibrant health.

Tap into the powerful energy of your solar plexus chakra to manifest a healthy habit for your mind. Add journaling to the habit of drinking lemon water; reward yourself with feeling good as you record your progress, gain clarity, and express gratitude; commit to journaling as the second part of your morning routine to receive inspiration for the day.

Tap into the creative energy of your sacral chakra to build a healthy habit for your heart.  Add yoga or gentle stretching to follow the habit of journaling; reward yourself with beautiful music to enhance your practice; commit to making this an essential part of your morning ritual to support you in living with an open heart.

Tap into the uplifting energy of your heart chakra to form a healthy habit for your spirit. Add a daily meditation to your yoga practice; reward yourself with the gift of spiritual freedom; commit to including this in your morning ritual to receive daily guidance.

Tap into the expressive energy of your throat chakra to start the habit of mindful eating. Add a healthy breakfast after your meditation practice; reward yourself with the best possible food choices; commit to mindful eating throughout the day to enjoy your food.

Tap into the energy of your third eye chakra to get a clear vision of your healthy lifestyle. Breathe light into your crown chakra to activate your vision. Invest in yourself each time you repeat a healthy behavior and use that money to buy health conscious rewards. Commit to using the arc formula (add, reward, commit) to build healthy habits. 


With love and light,

Carol Gutzeit
Blogger + Life Coach

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January 04, 2021 — Carol Gutzeit

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